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About Continental Refining Company

  • Site: Refinery #5113 is located on 93 acres in Pulaski County, Kentucky. CRC has a significant geographic advantage and honors the community by expanding local employment, managing for long-term prosperity and ensuring that Somerset, KY is a part of meeting the demands of domestic oil products.
  • History: With the strategic purchase of Somerset Oil Refinery in December 2011, Continental Refining Company entered a new era with proven management investing in processing plant improvements that drive efficiencies, increase capacity and meet future regulatory requirements while delivering consistent year-over-year profits. Although not a new oil refinery, this 1940’s oil refinery has been modernized and is a strategic energy investment by Continental Refining Company that will grow jobs and serve as a reliable American refinery.
  • Refining Capacity: 5,500 barrels per day
  • Feedstock Supply: Transmix and Crude Oil
  • Operations: Crude Distillation, hydrotreating, reforming, NaHS
  • Products: E87 Ethanol Fuel, Ultra Low Sulfur On Road Diesel, Ultra Low Sulfur Off Road Diesel, Low Sulfur Marine Diesel, Home Heating Oil – Fuel Oil No. 2, Fuel Oil No. 4, Fuel Oil No. 6
  • Product Distribution: tanker trailers, rail, barge
    • Rail access to CRC is utilized by the South Kentucky Economic Development Park (SKED), a 72-car public railroad facility built in 2007 to promote rail service for area businesses. It is located within 3 miles of Continental Refining Company.
  • Employment: Approximately 60 employees


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