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Transmix is produced when refined petroleum products are mixed together in transportation or through pipeline transfers. This blend is in general a combination of gasoline, diesel, and/or jet fuel. Continental Refining Company is a transmix processing plant that uses distillation to separate these mixtures. Continental Refining Company now offers a wholesalers, commercial and industrial customers a solution to dispose of transmix with a well-integrated system for moving, scheduling, pricing and transporting mix products.

Transmix is accepted at our facility Monday thru Friday 8 AM until 3 PM. Each load of transmix brought into the facility is tested for CRC Transmix specification guidelines.


Transmix Specifications

Continental Refining Company will not accept transmix containing halogenated, chlorinated or oxygenated organic compounds (such as but not limited to Carbon Tetrachloride, 1, 1 Dichloroethane, Trichloroethane or Tetrachloroethane, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol, Methanol, Glycol, Acetone). These and like compounds may cause severe equipment damage in the refinery.

Contamination usually occurs when a producer uses one of these chemicals in treating wells, flow lines and lease tankage to remove paraffin buildup. A small volume of transmix contaminated with oxygenated or halogenated compounds can render large volumes of transmix almost valueless. Any seller delivering transmix to Continental Refining Company containing such contaminant will be held liable for all damages resulting from that delivery.

Light ends C2 – iC55 % Max

API @ 60 F 30- 60 ASTM D-1298
Sulfur (wt%) max 0.5 ASTM D-4294
BS&W % max* 2.0
Paraffins (vol. %) 40 -70 ASTM D-2789M
N+2A (vol. %) Minimum – 18 ASTM D-2789M
Organic Chloride(ppm) < 1.0 ASTM D-4929
Organic Nitrogen max (ppm) 500 ASTM D-4629
Microcarbon Residue (MCRT) 2.0 Max ASTM D-4530
Light ends C2 – iC5 8% Max
Total Acid Number, mg KOH 0.8 ASTM D-664
RVP  <12.5 psi ASTM D-5708
Vanadium < 10 ppm
Nickel < 10 ppm
Iron < 10 ppm
Silicon < 10 ppm
Asphaltene wt% 0.5 ASTM D-6560

*EXCESS BS&W: If during any accounting period, one or more individual delivery ticket(s) covering transmix petroleum delivered to Continental Refining Company by Crude Shippers reflect a BS&W content which exceeds 2%, the full percentage of BS&W will be deducted from the total transmix delivery volume, and an environmental surcharge will be invoiced separately to Transmix Shipper equal to the BS&W percentage in excess of 2%.

EXCESS BRINE WATER: Free of emulsion, capable of separation at time of unloading, shall be accounted for separately and invoiced to Transmix Shipper at a charge of $10/bbl. As an alternative, Transmix Shipper may request Continental Refining Company to dispose of Transmix Shipper’s excess Brine Water by a mutually agreed upon method prior to delivery.

Download Printable .pdf of Transmix Specifications Here